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After another three stimulating years exploring the squishy sexual terrain, I have finished my second book, SEXPLORATIONS, Journeys to the Erogenous Frontier. In search of cheap thrills, I went from orgies to nudist colonies to wife-swapping conventions and the "Anka Institute for Sexual Research" where I "experimented" with "research boys."
Other chapters include "Flex and the Single Girl--Getting Pumped at the Mr. Olympia Contest" and "Anka Does Aspen -- From Snowboards to Snowjobs."

An excerpt from Sexplorations... Chapter One, The Naked Truth, Nature Girl Dares To Go Bare At A Nudist Colony... where I "butt into the world of nude recreation."

For a minute I thought I was having one of those dreams where I'm naked in public except that I actually was. It was a surreal Saturday in the park. Everything looked normal except that everyone was naked..... I wanted to mingle and get to know my fellow nudists. I met two guys and started telling them about the nudist philosophy I had studied, that at a "naturist camp," "no masks are created by clothes," that "nudity is honesty," and "you offer yourself, your personality." After a few minutes, I realized they weren't listening to a thing I was saying. I looked down and saw two huge boners. At least at a place like this, I could see how stimulating my conversation was.

An excerpt from Sexplorations: The Swing Set: Swinging Singles Go To A Couples-Only Sex Club --Chapter Three:

...Richie, the manager, led us to the locker room, where he introduced us to Frank, the guy handing out towels, who he noted was a "famous porn star in the seventies" ("the club pro.")... It was time to start swinging; we all stripped and donned towels then headed upstairs. Climbing a flight of spiral stairs gave everyone an opportunity for a little group grope. One super friendly patron stuck his finger up my towel and touched my snoopy. We ventured into the semi-private room for "disrobed couples only." A sign read "We cater to the ladies"... The "love seat" was a case in point. The chair, whose only function was to elevate a woman so she could comfortably enjoy cunnilingus, looked like a cross between a dentist's chair and the inner thigh machine at the gym. The pleasure chairs seemed to inspire a mass munching, because all five chairs were occupied with a woman with her legs in the air and a man's head in-between. (As one guy came up for air, he winked at me.) I haven't seen such voracious eating since I went to the $5.95 all-you-can-eat at the Sizzler.


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"Smart and progressive... Radakovich has wit to burn." - Entertainment Weekly

"A vicarious thrill... Explicit and funny" - USA Today

"She's Anka, the vampy, campy, up-for-anything, self-spoofing boho lollapalooza who's been penning all those dispatches from the trenches of the sexual battlefield." - Art Carey, Philadelphia Enquirer

"She is a (very) pro-sex feminist whose sense of humor coexists with undaunted lust. A sexual Virgil... an intrepid reporter and a vocal tour guide." - Publishers Weekly

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Anka the Wild Girls ClubTHE WILD GIRLS CLUB
For the four previous years of "Research" you may have missed, check out my first book "The Wild Girls Club," Tales From Below The Belt."

An excerpt from chapter two: "Poles Apart," A Hard Look At Penises:"

The difference between male and female physiologies affects the way we view our reproductive organs. Women, with our internal, squishy accommodations, tend to be more self-protective and introspective. On the other hand, men, because of their fleshy protuberances, are constantly reminded of their biological imperative. This might explain why every time I walk by my neighborhood plant store with a man he points to the enormous cacti in the window and says, "There's my size!" Women, conversely, do not walk by a Dunkin' Donuts, eye the hole on a glazed, and make the same comparison."

Men with enormous endowments think that women worship them. But we cannot idolize an organ, especially if it is attached to someone we can't stand. And, contrary to Freud's theory, we do not envy the penis. The reasons are obvious. First, we would not know how to sit comfortably in one; second, we do not want something veiny falling out of our shorts; and third, a penis looks terrible in a tight dress.

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