Anka Radakovich, author, sex columnist, screenwriter

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Anka Radakovich is a world famous columnist, author, and screenwriter. 

Anka, who defined the modern day sex column, wrote the wildly popular sex column for DETAILS Magazine for nine years, where her hilarious take on sex, dating and relationships, created a devoted following.

Currently, she writes a column for BRITISH GQ and has just finished her new book, THE WILD GIRLS CLUB, PART 2: Tales from New York to Hollywood.

 Anka is the author of two books—THE WILD GIRLS CLUB, Tales From Below The Belt, and SEXPLORATIONS, Journey’s To The Erogenous Frontier, (Both published by CROWN/RANDOM HOUSE.)

Anka is a frequent guest on funny TV shows and has made nine appearances on LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O’BRIEN.  She has also been a frequent commentator on sexuality and relationships for MTV, E! MSNBC, FX, THE TODAY SHOW, DATELINE NBC, DISCOVERY HEALTH, and POLITICALLY INCORRECT. She has also debated sexual politics on THE FOX NEWS CHANNEL with Bill O’Reilly and SEAN HANNITY.

Anka is also a talented screenwriter and sold her first script to TOM CRUISE’S production company at PARAMOUNT PICTURES.  She is working on her second screenplay, a comedy.   

Anka is also a guest lecturer at Universities across the country, where she educates and entertains her audiences with her funny, candid observations on the forever fascinating subjects of love, sex, relationships, and the mating game.